Timothy Beardson

Timothy Beardson 1951-2020

Timothy Beardson

“Tim loved China and had wonderful experiences there, one of which was his being an honoured guest lecturer at the Central Party School, which made this true capitalist chuckle.

By writing his new book, Ageing Giant: China’s Looming Population Collapse, he wanted to open up for debate his thoughts on the impending demographic problems he saw facing China. I feel the concepts in the book not only relate to China but to a future audience in many countries of the world. My husband was a master at looking at things from an upside viewpoint, which works well in a world that is currently resetting its paradigms of creating a more harmonious world.

The pandemic has shown us the importance of community life and the joy of being an individual of integrity, but part of a bigger whole. China is a big community and yet now is an integral part of our world. I hope you, readers of Tim's book, will also open your mind to this.”

Clair Beardson, Tim's wife


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