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Timothy Beardson is the author of a major book on China’s future. “Stumbling Giant: the Threats to China’s Future” is a multidisciplinary discussion of the threats to the country’s continuing rise, presents bold policy prescriptions addressing these challenges and explains why without substantial reform China is unlikely to replace America as the next superpower.


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“Timothy Beardson is a thoughtful and insightful observer of China from a Chinese and global perspective. I have had the pleasure of benefitting from his thoughts at VALUEx, Horasis, and the World Economic Forum.”

– Guy Spier, Managing Partner, Aquamarine Capital, Zürich

“Timothy Beardson delivered an excellent lecture on China while I was Dean of the Business School. It was an insightful, eloquent and entertaining account of a topic of immense importance by someone with a profound understanding of the region”

– Colin Mayer, Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies, Saïd Business School, Oxford University.

“Timothy Beardson is uncommonly well-informed, and unabashedly outspoken. He can be relied upon to render sharp analyses with well-tempered wit. Savvy audiences applaud his provocative presentations.”

– Professor Lou Marinoff, Chair of the Department of Philosophy. City University of New York

“Timothy Beardson is a frequent speaker at our Horasis meetings. He is one of the most generous and insightful speakers I have ever met. He brings his classic mixture of economic insight, humour and overall common sense to deliver outstanding messages to the audience.”

– Frank Richter, Chairman, Horasis, Zurich

“I have always found Timothy a captivating speaker with excellent content and delivery-whether he is speaking on economic, political or security issues. He is well prepared, thoughtful and engaging – it is always a pleasure to listen to him.”

– Hon Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan

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