Tim and Clair

Some memories from Tim’s friends.

“Tim was a great man, an original thinker, and a loving husband and father. The world is a smaller place without him. He was larger than life, charming, welcoming, worldly, well-travelled and knowledgeable in his global views, amusing and enjoyable, quirky and occasionally provocative, unstuffy and relaxed with unflinching self-confidence.”

“Tim had humour and a sense of fun and adventure”.

“Tim was always true to himself. Never doubting he knew where he was going, he was kind and generous.  He was never judgemental but combined great style with intellectual curiosity. These qualities come across in both his books, which are thought-provoking and full of fascinating insights. He was one of the of the brightest people I ever met, with a prodigious memory and a good eye for detail. No one who worked for Crosby, the hugely successful investment bank he founded and majority-owned, was left untouched by the experience.” 

“Travelling around China with him, his impromptu after-dinner speeches used to leave the translators trembling, unable to anticipate what he was going to say next and how to translate it diplomatically for the evening’s host.”

“He always answered truthfully so you had to be careful what you asked of him.”

“One of Tim’s greatest qualities was his ability to talk to almost anyone, and especially to children. To a timid 10-year-old he spoke with a genuine mix of warmth, interest and energy. Crucially, he never spoke down to children but engaged with us as equals ever eager to look for something to nurture and encourage and let’s not forget his style. I am envious of his waistcoats.”

“Tim was such a vital life force with such extraordinary depth of knowledge, perspective, insight and humour. I cannot believe he has gone. He did so very much in his life - with extraordinary contributions in business, government, and China's relations with the world."


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